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fic!kurt: Blaine, am I fat? I’m gonna cry
canon!kurt: fuck this shit gimme all the cheesecakes also bagels pizza popcorns and sandwiches
fic!kurt: oh my Gaga
canon!kurt: Oh my dear God.
fic!blaine: look at my calloused hands
canon!blaine: stop it, Kurt! I use that lotion for my hands!
fic!blaine: motherfucker
canon!blaine: motherfickle

fic!klaine: let’s have sex. all the time. everywhere. 







never mind. 

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"I will tell you a beautiful thing, which was at the memorial, which was in the auditorium set. And it was the Glee family, and his close friends.
Lea put it all together, I don’t know how she pulled herself together to do that, she must have been compelled to… and I will not be able to watch that episode, that’s the one about him passing.

But…Lea asked Amber Riley to sing and she did. She was singing this beautiful song. She got choked up at one point and she sang and sang and sang, and it was just a magnificent moment. And then afterwards at the - I don’t wanna call it a reception - but you know, everybody just sort of eating and talking. She said ‘Adam, I almost started laughing.’ And I said, ‘why?’ and she said, ‘because, as I was singing, I suddenly became aware that the song was sort of long and all of a sudden in my head I pictured Cory staring at me and like, with the finger telling me to wrap it up already, and I wanted to start laughing, but I couldn’t cause no one would’ve understood.

And I thought, Oh my God, he was in the room. He was in the room telling Amber to wrap it up. And that connection felt very, very real. He was a great man, I loved him very much.’ 

- Adam Shankman

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